What You Need to Know About Blue Light

What You Need to Know About Blue Light

Modern research has indicated that there is an ever-increasing connection between the amount of artificial blue light that our bodies absorb and the number of people struggling with sleeping problems.

The sun produces blue light. It is the blue light produced by the sun that controls our circadian rhythm, which is turn affects our sleep patterns. As the sun comes up, our body's sleep hormone, melatonin, is suppressed, allowing us to wake up naturally. As the sun goes down in an evening, there is less blue light, which increases melatonin production and prepares the body for sleep. This is how our ancestors woke up and went to sleep. It is believed that early humans went to sleep not too long after the sun went down, which is a stark contrast to modern day society. So blue light is actually natural and is good for us, but only when we are exposed to it at the correct times of day.

The issue comes from artificial light, which also produces blue light. Modern day technology means that our bodies are exposed to more and more artificial light, often a long time after the sun goes down. This can make it difficult for our body to determine the change from day to night, which means less melatonin is produced. Our bodies do not shift into sleep mode and therefore, when it eventually comes to bed, our bodies are not ready for it and we stare blankly at the ceiling above us. Consequently, the next day we feel groggy, under perform and so the cycle continues.

To overcome the issue, the clear solution would be to eradicate all artificial blue light from your home once the sun goes down. Lights, TVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops - they would all go. BUT HOLD ON!...this may mean you end up sitting in a dark room, lit by candle light, twiddling your thumbs all evening. There is a better solution - Blue Light Glasses. 

Blue Light Glasses absorb blue light produced from artificial sources such as your laptop and smartphone, allowing our body to understand that night time has arrived. The sleep hormone, melatonin, can be released normally and shift your body into a more natural and healthy circadian rhythm. 

At Home Office Ergonomics we see a real need to spread the word regarding blue light exposure and are here to help. Our range of specially selected blue light glasses; Apogee, Lunar & Eclipse, are conditioned to absorb blue light so that you can get a better nights sleep, reduce eye strain and improve your overall well-being.