How to Sit at a Desk Correctly

How to Sit at a Desk Correctly

Sitting at a desk is more than just 'plonking' yourself down and hoping for the best. Without the correct posture, prolonged desk work can have a significant detrimental impact on your body...and 'no-body' wants that. Body parts that often suffer the most from sitting behind a desk include; the lower back, wrists, elbow joints, neck, eyes and shoulders.

With a consciousness of the problem and a few small adjustments everyday, you can keep your body supple, mobile and pain free for years to come.

Luckily our ergonomically minded friend 'Ernie' is at hand to help in the picture above to help. Here are the key points to remember;

1) Make sure the text that you read on a screen is in line with your eyes

2) The screen needs to be at arms length

3) The keyboard should be at or slightly below elbow level

4) Keep the mouse and keyboard close to your body

5) Keep arm rests above the elbow so that your shoulders can stay relaxed

6) Maintain a 2 finger spacing between the back of the knee and the chair

Implement these simple techniques and it should ensure that your body remains in good health.

The setup of your desk is equally as important as the positioning of your body so be sure to check out our useful laptop stands to help you position your desk equipment effectively.