About Us

At 30 years old, I am already concerned that I have spent the majority of my career sitting behind one desk or another. As humans, we were not engineered to be sedentary for 9 hours of the working day, but as more industries turn to technology to get the job done this is only steadily increasing.

I live a relatively active lifestyle (outside of work). I go to the gym regularly, I play racket sports, I do yoga (this is great if you are suffering from any lower back pain by the way), anything to increase my bodies mobility because I am slightly terrified of what sitting behind a desk day after day is unknowingly doing.

One day in 2018, after suffering from severe eye strain from too many hours in front of a screen, lying as flat as possible to ease the weakness in my lower back from constant sitting, I start searching for a dedicated website focused on sedentary working lifestyle products. I couldn't find one that was both inviting and useful. It was then that I made a decision to start;

The company was formed with the appreciation that the modern working environment often results in a rather sedentary life, but that it is also enabling a greater number of people to enjoy the privilege and flexibility of working remotely. In turn, this results in more people working on the sofa, in coffee shops or inadequate environments. Fortunately, these sedentary conditions and remote working environments can be easily adapted to relieve the stress often caused by prolonged periods of work. 

Our team aims to provide a high quality catalogue of products to ease life behind a desk, whether at home, the office, or on the move. Our goal is to promote a healthy work life balance for all. 



Founder CEO, Home Office Ergonomics