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 'Reduce the strain placed on your back, neck and shoulders'

Laptops are often not positioned optimally. This versatile laptop stand's ergonomic intention is to help reduce the stress placed on our bodies when working on a laptop. It can be used for laptops up to 15.6" and tablets a like.

Functional benefits:

  1. 3 viewing angles allow for less strain on your neck, hands and shoulders

  2. Reduce heat from the laptop enabling it to perform more efficiently.

  3. Triangular design and anti-slip pads ensure a steady user experience.

  4. Lightweight so that it can be accompany your laptop on any trip.


1 x LiteStand


cm - 19.5 x 27.5 x 11.6




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1) A laptop stand can help to prevent an 'arched spine' which often occurs when using a laptop below eye level. By lifting the laptop it helps to prevent the 'hunched' appearance and reduce stress on your back, neck and shoulders.

2) A laptop stand should help you to avoid screen glare by helping to position the screen at the correct angle. In turn, this should reduce strain on eyes which can often lead to headaches.

3) Elevating a laptop can help to keep the unit cooler. Laptops can produce a lot of heat and often get warm when the fan is not given the room to function properly. By lifting the laptop it allows the battery to remain cooler, which in turn can increase performance.

4) Often an external monitor is used alongside a laptop to increase screen space. When using an external monitor alongside your laptop, raising the laptop to a similar height level can help to reduce eyestrain and neck pain, which can occur when moving your eyes between screens on different levels.

'Negative impacts on your body shouldn't be the price you pay for working hard'